a villageloop community website

About our villageloop community websites team

Villageloop is a hosted application service, provided by South Florida Web Studio, a division of Alig Technology Group. The team at SoFla Web Studio designed, developed and maintains the villageloop application and all associated websites.

The SoFla Web Studio team members have a diverse set of relevant skills and experiences ranging from licensed Community Association Managers (CAM) to experienced Web Programmers and Designers. Since the company opened in 2004 they have been designing and maintaining community and association websites.

Steven Alig, the President of SoFla Web Studio has over 13 years of experience in the real estate industry with over 8 years directly developing and maintaining real estate, community association and club websites. Starting out as a club house director and licensed Community Association Manager (CAM), in the mid 1990ís, provided the foundation for understanding requirements of an effective community or club website. Stevenís passion for computing dates back to the start of personal computing in the early 1980ís and it was only natural that with the evolution of the internet, web design and programming would be the next step. 1999 saw Steven take his passion and hobby into a full-time career as a web designer and developer. Steven founded Alig Technology Group in 2004 and continues to design, develop and maintain websites for large clients. In 2007 Steven launched SoFla Web Studio to provide SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Social Media and Internet Marketing services.

For more information about our internet marketing services please visit www.soflaweb.com. Or visit www.aligtech.com for details about our custom web development and application programming services.