a villageloop community website


The benefits of using a community website for your organization are quite vast. Chances are you already realize most of the benefits (that is why you are visiting our website) and are now looking for a specific solution. But just to make sure there are two main benefits that any community website will serve.
  1. Save time and money –Make your job easier by reducing the amount of work and effort needed to complete tasks which are already being done on a daily basis.
  2. Communicate more effectively – Get your information out to the people in your association, group, or club that need it.
The benefits of a villageloop website go above and beyond a traditional website or community portal:
  1. Superior Customer Service and Support – Our system makes sure that your content will stay updated and fresh on your website. You may utilize one of our specialized representatives to make regular updates on your website or do it all yourself and only contact your representative if you have questions or need additional support.
  2. Customization – Have a website that looks and works like you want it to. We will customize the design of the website to your liking, plus give you the option to customize the content yourself, without breaking the overall defined style.
  3. Flexibility – Your website can grow with your community. Add only the functions and modules that you need to use on your website and then add additional modules as you want or your membership requires.
  4. Ease of use – Content can be added and updated with a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. If you are familiar with working in programs like MS Word, you will be able to update your website yourself.
  5. Security & reliability – Our system is based on Microsoft’s .NET 2.0 platform, the most secure version to date. Rest assured that your data is safe and secure. All of our villageloop websites and their databases are backed up nightly.
  6. Constant Improvement – a hosted solution means that updates and new features are added to your website automatically. It is your choice whether to use the new features or not. We are constantly improving our system and adding new features as the technology advances… all at no additional cost or effort for our customers.

    Features of villageloop