a villageloop community website


Everyone uses their websites differently and every villageloop website is customized and unique, therefore we do not offer a single set pricing plan. Instead we work with you to determine your exact needs and then deliver a customized website package to you.

However, we do offer several base packages which can then be customized to fit your specific needs.

Special Discount rates - limited time offer
  Budget Standard Deluxe
Monthly Service
Full + Custom

All of our villageloop websites are priced using the same configuration:

One-time initial setup fee + recurring monthly service fee

  1. Initial Setup Fee – Includes Consultation, Application set-up, Design and Training. These fees may range anywhere from $3000.00 - $5,000.00+ depending upon the customization involved.
  2. Monthly Service Fee – All-inclusive fee for hosting and usage of the villageloop application. This fee will vary depending upon the modules and service plans which are required.
  3. Additional Maintenance – Additional hourly rates for service on your website outside of your Monthly Service contract. Includes content updates, graphic design & training.

All packages can be setup with your own domain name (www.your-domain.com) or you can use a villageloop sub-domain (your-name.villageloop.com). If you already own a domain, we will transfer domain name server settings or we can register a new domain name for you.

All packages come with 1 to 5 email addresses (additional emails are available if needed)

Multi-portal discounts are available for 2 or more websites – (examples: management companies, Master Associations wishing to provide multiple portals for each neighborhood association or Communities wishing to provide separate websites for their residents and golf club or clubhouse members) Contact Us for more information about Multi-portal discounts.

Additional Items:

  1. Technical Support – Free. Technical support applies to technical issues with the server or application, it does not apply to Maintanence.
  2. Application Enhancements – Free. As enhancements are continually made to the application, they will be made available to you at no additional charge.
  3. Custom Module Development – If our existing system does not meet your specific needs, our team can work with you to design and develop a custom module for your website. Special rates apply depending upon your monthly service package.
* Actual Monthly service fee may vary based on the number of homes/members, length of contract and required features.