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What is villageloop?

Villageloop is a community portal website system. It is a feature filled, easy to use, website system which allows communities and associations to publish on the internet. Our community portal allows association and club managers to communicate with their members, residents and guest via online forums, newsletters, emails and messages.

Setup is simple and easy. Our team will work with you to define the requirements of your website. We begin by selecting which features you want from our pre-built modules. Then we work with you to create a custom design for your website, establishing your own unique “look & feel”. Your website is then deployed and we train you on how to administer your content. Once your content has been added, your site is launched live.

Villageloop is not just about technology, it is also about superior customer service and support. Our team will ensure that your website is setup with all of the features that you require and none that you do not. This will make your website easy to use and administer. We can also assist in making updates to your website if you do not have adequate time or the staff to do so.

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